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Antarnaad – Sun 19th May 10:30am @ TFA

by in Events. Posted May 14, 2019
Up next in our Mela Series we have a Hindustani Vocal Concert -Antarnaad by Smt. Manjusha Patil Kulkarni. Manjushaji has carved a niche in the world of Classical Music with her mellifluous voice further enhanced by mastering sustenance of Swaras, asthetic approach, creative thinking, perfection of sur and command on rhythmic aspects. Purity in exposition ...
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Aikyam – Sat 04 May 6pm @ TFA

by in Events. Posted April 24, 2019
Aikyam | Oneness Through Music | TFA Mela Every composer has a unique way to express their concept of unison through their compositions. Every composition throws light on the composers personality, time and modes of musical expression. Aikyam is an attempt to comprehend such an expression. Journeying through compositions, Ragam-Tanam-Pallavi and thillana, Raghavendran & Karthik ...
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Saaz – a musical duet with the Shehnai and Sitar – Sat 23 Feb 6:30pm @ TFA

by in Events. Posted February 2, 2019
Saaz – A musical duet with the Shehnai and Sitar Saaz is an evening of musical dialogue journeying through the sounds of renowned Shehnai artist Dr. Pramod Gaikwad and the stirring strings of Sitarist Kumar Karthigesu. Although distinct in heritage, repertoire and artistic temperament, both these internationally acclaimed artists will engage in a musical conversation ...
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