Entering the Bharathanatyam hall, which we fondly address as Kanagasabai, one would find many groups of young budding

artistes learning from the various teachers. Each class is in full concentration with their teacher’s instructions and the beats that the

thatukali produces. Each group is learning a different topic at a different pace, and each student is carefully nurtured by the

teacher to reach their potential and dance for the love of it.

In the early days of TFA, our founder blessed us with many teachers, of whom of special mention would be two great beings

in Dance Kum. SuryaKala and Smt. Kamakshi Jayaraman. Through their tireless efforts were born the present teachers of TFA

Sujatha Rajagopalan, Lakshmi Krishnan, Deepa Shrivathsan and Kalaivani Kumareswaran. Each of them have their own repertoire of

skills which the students benefit from. For example, Sujatha also excels in teaching Kathak and Lakshmi works with the

senior students on Nattuvangam while Deepa and Kalai are also our Odissi teachers. The many TFA graduates also serve in

TFA as part­-time teachers and performers.

The students are given broad exposure, not only in Bharathanatyam but also in folk dance, Kathak and Odissi. Opportunities to

perform are provided through the various dance drama productions that have been staged by TFA, such as Swan Lake,

Lady White Snake, Ramayana, Butterfly Lovers, The Legend of Mahsuri, Taj Mahal, Jonathan Livingston Seagull and Dharma Ashoka,

to name a few. Our students also actively participate in the Arts Education Programs (AEP) for schools to educate and spark an

interest in the arts in the students.