Carnatic Vocals

Carnatic Vocals

As we learn to sing, we enrich ourselves to grow both muscially, emotionally and intellectually as music is indeed food for the soul. TFA provides a range of opportunities from learning the fundamentals of carnatic music, to acquiring more advanced vocal skills and the knowledge of the rich tradition of Carnatic music.

In a nurturing environment, the teachers Smt. Rajalakshmi Sekar, Kum. Yogeswari Ramalingam, Smt Sashirekha Suresh and Smt. Chitra Poornima Karthik enable students to fully appreciate not just the auditory beauty of kritis, but also the bhava (emotions) and meaning embedded in them. The meticulous teaching and attention given to nuances provide an inĀ­depth understanding and appreciation of the myraid colours of carnatic music.

Students are also given numerous opportunities to experience the many facets of the arts, which include participating in melas (cultural festivals), orchestras, music competitions and TFA productions. These add immensely to their learning, and enable students to work with one another and appreciate other styles and artĀ­forms. This holistic experience at TFA makes way for students to love music and continue to strive for perfection in it.

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