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 The piano course in TFA has been devised to cultivate interest and musicality in aspiring students. Whether it is to realize a dream of playing the piano for ones own pleasure or to perform , individualized learning where personal attention is given, enables the student to progress and develop musical skills at their own pace. ...
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Learning the mridangam has taught students various skills ­ to conserve energy, to modulate the playing and to actively listen. Music and melodies are experienced and understood by each individual differently but rhythms and beats speak to everyone. By learning to play the mridangam the doors are opened to a whole new dimension of Carnatic ...
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With a brief history that dates back to approximately 150 years, the Tabla has been hailed as one of the most versatile drums in the world today. Having once been confined to just Hindustani (North Indian Classical) music and dance, the Tabla has now found a home in all major genres of music across the ...
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