The Carnatic flute is a bamboo woodwind instrument. The bamboo flute (லாழ) allows one to emote and create the melodious music which brings much peace in our life and has charmed people.

Shri.G.Sridhar, an eminent Carnatic flautist, teaches Carnatic music and the Flute (Venu, 8­hole South Indian bamboo flute) in TFA passing his learnings from his Guru, Kalaimaamani Srimathi.
The flute course is based on the Carnatic music syllabus, similar to the syllabus of Carnatic vocal music. Students start by learning basics of the flute, basic lessons in Carnatic music and progress on to Geethams, Varnams and Kritis. Interesting Compositions are introduced as the students’ advance in their learning. They they are also prepared to present at Carnatic music concerts (kutcheri) and continue to learn advanced compositions and rhythmic patterns.

The Flute students have a strong camaredei with the teacher and have developed to be music enthusiasts and connoisseurs, appreciating the intricacies of Carnatic music; and likely budding musicians eventually presenting concerts. TFA, Spore has developed a few Flute graduates and continues to be committed in providing the best for its students.

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