Hindustani Vocals

Hindustani Vocals

Students have an opportunity to learn Hindustani classical music which is sometimes also known as North Indian classical music or Shāstriya Sangeet. In Hindustani Music there are many Gharana’s but widely popular gharana’s are Gwalio, Agra, Kirana and Jaipur­Atrauli. In TFA we are offering the styles of Kirana and Gwalior­Agra Gharana.

A Gharana may take the name of a person, family or group or a place or region where it originated. In this context, it should be noted that there is a saying that to be able to call a school / tradition a Gharana there must have been at least three generations of established teacher ­ disciple pedagogic relationships.

Smt.Kalyani Puranik teaches the style of Kirana Gharana and Shri Ravindra Parchure teaches the style of Gwalior –Agra Gharana.

Students are given opportunities to sing in varied platforms such as melas and programmes such as Naad Brahma , Krishna Kavya Katha, Sant Bakthi Vandana and Gurukulam to name a few. Students are developed to sing according to their aspirations and potential. The teachers provide the coaching for students to experience the joy and relaxation of singing and also to excel in this field of music and enjoy music.

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