Lakshmi Krishnan

Lakshmi Krishnan

Lakshmi Krishnan is a proud graduate of Temple of Fine Arts (TFA) in Bharata Natyam, having received her training and then

graduating under the guidance of Shrimathi Kamakshi Jayaraman. A recipient of the Maha Guru Swami Sivananda award in 2003 for

her dedication to the Arts, Lakshmi has not only performed but also contributed creatively to most of TFA’s dance productions in

Singapore, Malayasia and India.


She trained in Nattuvangam in Coimbatore under Shrimathi Kamakshi Jayaraman for 4 years from 1999, culminating in her

Arangetram in 2003, making her the first student of TFA International to have graduated in Nattuvangam. Lakshmi also received

advanced training in Nattuvangam from Bhagavatula Seetarama Sharma of Chennai in 2009. Other than accompanying widely on

the Nattuvangam in TFA-led productions and Arangetrams, Lakshmi was also invited to participate in the Esplanade Theatres’ 10th

Anniversary celebrations in ‘En Anubhavam’, a program showcasing Singaporeans who have excelled in South Indian classical music

and dance. In May 2015 she was selected to participate in one of the opening performances organised by the Indian Heritage Board,

as part of the unveiling of the new Indian Heritage Centre. The Bharata Natyam performance, ‘Natya Darpana’, was put together by

veteran Singaporeans who have made their mark in the international scene. This was held at the Victoria Theatre and Lakshmi was

on Nattuvangam as part of the live orchestra supporting the dancers.


Over the last 10 years, Lakshmi has channeled her creative spirit to the choreography of new dance pieces, both group and solo,

some of which are also based on Vedic chants and hymns. Her creative exploration has also extended to new ways of using the

Nattuvangam and the use of of jathis.


A firm believer in that ‘there is a dancer in everyone’, Lakshmi has conducted several well-received dance workshops on creative

expression for not only dancers but also music students, women and corporates. These workshops have been conducted in

Singapore, India and also at the World Dance Congress in Greece. She continues to explore ways on how dance can make a

difference in the lives of her students, who range in age from 10 to 60.  In her pursuit of this, she upgrades and enriches herself

through attending workshops and master classes conducted by revered gurus.


Lakshmi is a business graduate from National University of Singapore and has been a full time teacher at the Temple of Fine Arts

since 2003.