Learning the mridangam has taught students various skills ­ to conserve energy, to modulate the playing and to actively listen. Music and melodies are experienced and understood by each individual differently but rhythms and beats speak to everyone. By learning to play the mridangam the doors are opened to a whole new dimension of Carnatic music through layam.

The TFA Mridangam teacher, Shri Trivandrum D. Rajagopal teaches various Talas with clear explanations and these lay the foundation for the many other lessons on various talas, nadais, aruthis and korvais. his love for music does not just stop with the mridangam. He is proficient at playing the morsing and Ghatam and teaches these playing of these instruments to his students.

Mridangam is played as accompaniment in classical music and dance and thus students benefit from the many opportunities provided in TFA for the to play for concerts, melas, programmes and to participate in competitions. The student gets familiar with the pleasantness of musical notes and enjoys the music.

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