Premanadi – The River of Love

Premanadi – The River of Love

Premanadi – The River of Love, is a dance-drama that draws inspiration from the many facets of the river Ganga and the millions of people who live along her shores. Steeped in mythology and history, Ganga is elusive yet accessible; held in high esteem, sustaining and providing for all unconditionally..

Just like the Indian art forms, the Ganges is an anchor of culture, yet, ever-changing. Premanadi celebrates the confluence of new and old in its search for new ways to celebrate age-old tradition. Built from the ground up, it is a fully original work made with love – from the script to the musical score, dance choreography, stage and prop design, right to the tailoring of costumes. All this is done by our stable of senior artistes who go out of their way to carefully guide and nurture the next generation of young artistes, especially through Premanadi which has been developed through a structured mentor pairing system, keeping tradition alive and fluid.

By embracing both past and present, Premanadi hopes to give access to culture and tradition to the community at large and bring the Indian arts closer to both you and I.


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