Raghavendran Rajasekaran

Raghavendran Rajasekaran

Raghavendran Rajasekaran, fondly called Ragha, is the co-founder of Music.Love.Yoga; an initiative that aims to empower lives through yoga with music all over world. He is a high energy and multifaceted composer, improviser and performer of the Indian Classical flute from Singapore.

Heʼs mellifluous solo and musical recitals continue to engage and mesmerise people from many parts of the world through recordings and live concerts today. He has been invited to countries such as United States of America, Singapore, Malaysia, China, Indonesia, Australia, Thailand, Hong Kong and India for his humble musical identity and creative offerings.

Ragha has released 2 Full-Digital Albums “Yoga Abhyasa” on Feb 14th 2014 and “Cloud in Expressions” Sept 4th 2014, along with 3 digital singles “Saraswathi”, “Greenmoon” and “My funny old Flame” with his band RaghaJazz under his own publishing and record label “Amrta Records” in 2015. Ragha has Composed music for notable drama productions such as “Dance with the Birds”(2016), Murasu (2015), and Forest Fables (2014) and has also worked and composed for Nanyang Technological Universityʼs Contemporary Center for the Arts STAGING: Mantrayani as part of a special curation by leading artists of the Singaporean music industry.

Ragha began playing the Carnatic flute at the tender age of eleven after he was deeply inspired by renowned flautist as well as his teacher, Sri Ghanavenothan Retnam.

Ragha pursued his musical dream at LaSalle College of the Arts Singapore, and Graduated with a Bachelor Degree with Honours in Music (Jazz Performance) in 2015. Trained under the world acclaimed Australian jazz virtuoso Dr Tim OʼDwyer, Head of Music Programme Lasalle College of the Arts and Gregg Lyons (Acclaimed British Jazz Composer), he has also undergone musical training from Grammy Nominated Indian Flute Virtuosos  such Pandit Ronu Majumdar and Sri RaviChandra Kulur. Currently he is pursuing a Masters in Education in Music at the National Institute of Education Singapore.

Given his profound purpose in educating and global unifying pursuit through music; Ragha has taken up active lead roles in groups such as “Kulcha” a world music ensemble that primarily focuses on the Arts Enrichment and Educational programmes for Ministry of Education Singapore and National Arts Council Singapore for Students and the public, “TisraRoopaSangeeth” an Indian Classical Trio with original works in modern and thematic Raga sound scapes, “RaghaJazz”, Indian Classical Music and Jazz Band, and “The Silk Roots“ which is a new-age electronica quartet that blends original compositions through sonic arrangements and pulsating dance grooves.

He has had the honour to perform at prestigious world ceremonies and initiatives such as the ASEAN Paralympic Games at the Singapore Indoor Stadium 2015, Chinese-President State Visit at the Istana 2015, Titian- Budaya 2015, Launch of A Sound Life Organization (Sydney, Australia), Launch of Musicianʼs Guild of Singapore 2015, and World Orchid Conference 2011 @ Gardens by the Bay.

With his participation, the ensemble (Swathi) clinched the 2nd Runnerʼs Up Award at the Singapore National Indian Music Competition 2006 and he is the Winner of the Open Flute Solo Category of the National Indian Music Competition 2011 organized by the National Arts Council of Singapore.

He has also been awarded “Bright Young thing” in a selection of 10 out of 50 participants by the Esplanade Singapore during the world renowned Jazz Festival “Mosaic Jazz Festival” of year 2010 and also represented Singapore for the ASEAN Youth Camp in the year 2007. He’s Composition, “Raag Saramati”, for the Singapore Youth Festival National Secondary School Dance Competition, held in early 2014, CHIJ garnered a distinction award in its category.

Ragha shares his credits to performing on the same stage with great musical virtuosos through heartfelt collaborations such as Ismet Ruchimet from “Samba Sunda”, Rita Tila from “Samba Sunda”, Robert Casteels (Eminent Resident Composer of Singapore), Ghanavenothan Retnam (NAC Young Artist Awardee), Santha Bhaskaran (Cultural Medalion Winner), Daisy Irani (Vice- Chairman Mediacorp Singapore), Alex Abisheganathan(Cultural Medalion Winner), Nandakumar Unnikrishnan (Renowned Indian Classical Vocalist) Dewa Ketut Alit (Gamelan Extraordinare of Bali), EDOnJO (World Renowned New Age Band), Daphne Tse (World Renown New Age Artist) Ajith Bhaskaran (Malaysiaʼs Dance Extraordinaire), Rama Vaidhyanathan (Internationally Renowned Bharathanatyam Dancer from India) and Bibi McGill (Musical Director of Suga Mamaʼs and lead guitarist of Beyonce).

Ragha has performed at numerous dance & music festivals and also for charitable causes held in Singapore and Internationally. To Name a Few: Chingay (Singapore), Short and Sweet festival (Singapore), Pesta Raya (Singapore), Fusion Beats (Singapore), OCBC theatre festival (Singapore), Heritage Festival by the National Heritage Board (Singapore), World Beats Festival (SINGAPORE), Mosaic Jazz Festival (Singapore), Jazz in July (Singapore), FlipSide Festival (Singapore), Gilles Petersonʼs World Wide Festival, LoudFest (Singapore), St.Patrickʼs Day (Singapore), Kalaautsavam (Singapore), World Folk Song Festival Beijing (China), Yogyakarta Gamelan Festival (Indonesia) & Ensemble of Gamelan (Malaysia), BhaktiFest (USA), Letters from Home (Singapore-USA), Murfest (Malaysia), Titian Budaya (Singapore-Malaysia), Uplift Festival Byron Bay (Australia), A Sound Life (Australia), ASEAN PARALYMPIC (Singapore) and etc.

He has recorded for countless musical productions and albums such as, Wicked Aura (Louder than Light), Gammarays (On the Dance Floor), Manmatha Reloaded, PaperCitizens (Monsterʼs In Silence), RUDRA, EDO n JO’s (Bliss), Daphne Tse’s (Live at Samahita) and The Rajput Princess by Temple of Fine Arts.

Currently, Ragha is an active creative collaborator/composer for Music, dance and drama. He records for numerous Independent work and Television programs. Spontaneously tours and performs with world-renowned Kirtan Artistes from Australia, EDO n JO, Daphne Tse from USA, and plays for Paul Dallaghan Yoga Classes and retreats for Centered Yoga, Samahita Retreat, Thailand.