With a brief history that dates back to approximately 150 years, the Tabla has been hailed as one

of the most versatile drums in the world today. Having once been confined to just Hindustani

(North Indian Classical) music and dance, the Tabla has now found a home in all major genres of

music across the globe. The benefits that flow out of learning and playing this instrument are

manifold. In addition to improving discipline, co- ordination skills, memory and focus, it also

inculcates an appreciation for rhythmic grooves and patterns in the practitioner. To top it off, it

allows for beautiful creative expression through the rhythmic notes. It is truly a great way to

engage both the left brain (linear, rational) and the right brain (intuitive and creative).

TFA offers Classical Tabla lessons by Shri Nawaz Mirajkar. The teaching system is akin to the

traditional Guru Sishya Parampara, recognising the need for extended interaction between the

teacher and student. The style followed is that of his grandfather, the legendary Tabla Maestro

Ustad Mehboob Khansaheb Mirajkar of the Poorab Gharana (school of thought). Personalised

attention is given to every student and much emphasis is placed in ensuring that their technical

proficiency and foundation is strong. Lessons are tailored specifically to the capability of each

student and all the classical elements of melody, clarity, speed, etc are perfected at each level. In

the process of getting a grip on the taals and kaidas and laykaris and peshkars, the students also

learn to enjoy the entire experience.

Shri Nawaz Mirajkar, a recipient of the Young Artist Award from the National Arts Council, is himself

a great source of inspiration to the students. In addition to being a wonderful teacher, he is also a

performing artist, a conductor and a composer who has delved into all aspects of percussion and

unearthed many successful productions. His collaborations with International artists have resulted

in the creation of some very innovative and appealing Fusion music. Therefore, students are

exposed to the different facets of the instrument and are presented with

opportunities to perform in different festivals and music productions of TFA. Through these

experiences, they learn to work in teams, build social skills and stage confidence. Many students

who have graduated from this school have also become full-fledged Tabla artists.