The Rajput Princess: 25 Aug – 27 Aug 2016

The Rajput Princess: 25 Aug – 27 Aug 2016

TFA is honoured and privileged to present The Rajput Princess . . Nightingale of Brindavan from 25 – 27 August 2016 at the TRCC Theatre, Republic Polytechnic.

This enchanting dance-drama is inspired by the life of Meera Bai. The Rajput Princess is an artistic expression of lessons in perseverance, persistence and patience. Meera Bai’s life represents duality; strong and gentle; fierce yet compassionate. These dualities reflect the roles today's women hold in balance.

The Rajput Princess features the songs and poetry of Meera Bai herself and also of our Founder, set to music specially orchestrated by our teachers and students, enacted against new spectacular backdrops, and coloured by unique lighting to set the scene for what promises to be a spectacular offering.

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The Rajput Princess: About

The Rajput Princess: My Friend

My Friend

I heard some say that
you are a herder of cows.
And others say that
you are a playful tyrant,
eyes twinkling with bold mischief.

I heard some say that
you once carried a mountain!
And others say that
you are an audacious god
having danced on Kalinga.

Show me your true self.
Many know you as one thing,
some as another.
There is but one thing I know;
Dark one, you are my best friend

The Rajput Princess: Udhabai

For every source
of light and love,
There is another,
inclined to smother
and desecrate.

For jealousy,
a strange curiosity,
when untamed,
sprouts insidiously
and consumes wholly.

The Rajput Princess: Bhojraj

It is in our nature to love and be loved.
But there are some who love without condition or bound.

The Rajput Princess: Akbar

We all search, for something...
That we may have the fortune of ever finding,
Or spend our entire lives seeking.

The Rajput Princess: Rana Sanga

Is a man to be measured by his virtue or his deed...
What of a fair man, unaware of unfair assessment...
Does fairness then exist in the form of virtue,
Or is it manifest in the outcome of a situation?

The Rajput Princess: Meera

My soul rests in that impassable realm
That death himself fears tread upon.
There lies the fountain of love
With swans sporting on its waters.
There the company of bliss divine is available,
And one may dance with spiritual ecstasy.

The Rajput Princess: Krishna

I am ever drawn to you, as the moon is to the night,
I bathe in your love, as the clear skies do in the light.

But what of dawn or dusk, O mischievous one,
When I know that you, are my eternal dream...

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