The students unravel using the violin as a tool, the intricacies of Carnatic music. With the violin they play different octaves within a small range of four strings on an instrument. The serenity of the sounds transports them to a blissful experience.

Our TFA Dean, Dr L. Subramaniam the violin maestro, takes a personal interest in seeing to the students’ progress and guides TFA in the curriculum. The teacher, Shri Manikantan, provides a nurturing environment for the student to learn, the beginnings of playing the violin to the intricacies of mastering the instrument. The students take up the art under the tutelage of our ever supportive and patient teacher Mr. Manikandan.

One of the students comments that ‘being an adult and coping with adulthood responsibilities, every Sundays’ one hour learning is serving as a joyous vocation.’
Exposure to playing for programmes is provided for the students.

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