Bala Vikas

Bala Vikas

Bala Vikas began with the intent of introducing children in the age group of three to six years,  to the complete spectrum of the Arts

that we offer here at the Temple of Fine Arts, in a tailor-made manner that suits their young and vibrant minds.


We aim to stimulate the aesthetic development of the child through the medium of Indian culture, tradition and fine arts. This

encompasses dance, through simple hand gestures, steps and facial expressions, music, through simple bhajans, storytelling

sessions of Indian mythological folklore that imbibe morals, recitation of mantras, visual art like drawing and colouring and

yogasanas, which are taught in a simple, fun and interactive manner.


While developing the creative and aesthetic capacity of the child, we also aim to incorporate valuable cognitive and psychomotor

skills into their learning experience. Learning is progressive and well-paced to accommodate the needs of the individual child.


Our Bala Vikas Teacher, Smt. Sashirekha Suresh is assisted by TFA graduates.  With their love to nurture the children, the teachers

team up to provide a well-rounded curriculum. Many of the children graduate in the 3rd year and then continue to choose and learn

an artform that kindles their interest. The rich foundation that they have gained continues to nourish them as they flourish in their

dance or music.