Kathak is an Indian classical dance form that originated in the lands of Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan. We offer the art form

based on the Lucknow Gharana, as formulated by Pandit Birju Maharaj. A notable feature of Kathak is the intricate footwork and

the highlight of the dance is the tahai, a spinning movement in one spot at great speed. Both men and women perform the dance.


At Temple of Fine Arts, Kum Sujatha Rajagoplan teaches Kathak. Students will be taught the basics in Kathak including intensive

training in tatkar and basic hand exercises. Several teehais and tukdas will be taught in class for a strong foundation in footwork.

Students at the beginner levels are introduced to simple items, before progressing to Shlokas and the Tarana at the intermediate

and advanced levels.

Opportunities are provided in varied forms for students to learn and in the hope of achieving their hearts’ desires.