Odissi is an Indian classical dance style from the eastern state of Odisha, India. Like other forms of Indian classical

dance, Odissi traces its origin to antiquity. This dance style is characterised by two unique positions: the square chowka pose, and

the tribhangi ­where the body is deflected into 3 bends. While footwork is very firm and strong, movements of the torso and wrist

lend Odissi an extremely graceful form.

Based on our Founder’s keen desire to encourage creative expression and interpretation of India’s dance forms, TFA started Odissi

classes in 1992. The Odissi teachers of TFA, Deepa Srivathsan and Kalaivani Kumareswaran open the hearts of the students to the

nuances and details that characterise Odissi. Students develop an awareness of their body through exercises and are guided to

experience the strength, beauty and grace of Odissi.

Through various opportunities provided for performances, the student also gradually becomes aware of the stage, space and the

dynamics of team work in group performances. They are also equipped with the fundamentals of dance theory. Students are also

given the opportunity to learn folk and other styles of dance in order to enrich their knowledge and make them versatile.