The piano course in TFA has been devised to cultivate interest and musicality in aspiring students. Whether it is to realize a dream of playing the piano for ones own pleasure or to perform , individualized learning where personal attention is given, enables the student to progress and develop musical skills at their own pace. The structure of teaching takes the student through the various grades of the ABRSM ( Associated Board of the Royal School of Music , UK ).

Smt. Renu Suresh a pioneer Piano teacher of TFA, teaches in TFA. Her versatility in working with both western and Indian music is applauded…………..

The student is provided training and guidance anf students can opt to work and student to take a recognized international piano grade examination ( grades 1-8 ). This will cover , scales , arpeggios , sight-reading , aural and theory apart from a repertoire of piano pieces . Alternatively , the focus can be on developing a repertoire of pieces of their choice for personal enjdevelop and for performance . After a certain level , there is an option for interested students to enjoy playing Indian music of their choice on the piano .

To nurture performanceship and to instill confidence, there are many opportunities for students at TFA for students to perform individually and at times in ensembles both in our internal and external performance programs.